Friday, January 28, 2011

Everything changes....

....when they call you Mommy, doesn't it?

"Maybe I will never sleep past 7:00 in the morning and maybe I will never have time to brush my hair and maybe I will never be able to eat a full meal without getting up anddown a million times. It’s worth it. Maybe it will always take me twice as long to do everything and maybe I will never have a really clean house and maybe my days of staying out late with friends are over. It’s worth it. Anything I have togive up is worth just that one minute when they look at me and call me, “Mom,” when those little hands grab mine and those big eyes look at me as if I hold the keys to the world. It’s worth it."

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Elizabeth C. said...

Oh Kristen,

I've been following her journey since you first posted about her, how ever long ago.

It is a wonderful life God has blessed her with.

Nicole C said...

Then they put "I love you" in front of it and there are no words to explain it!

Very cool blog! Thanks for linking to it!

Jeannine said...

I first learned about Katie from you, and have been constantly amazed and inspired at the way God works through her. She is astonishing, and she serves an astonishing God with such purity of purpose. Thank you for sharing.