Saturday, February 6, 2010

Leaks, Flowers and Bedding

Last night it rained nearly all night long, which normally would be perfectly welcome, but....whatever work the roofing contractor performed must not have fixed the leak because our downstairs has turned into a minor flood zone. We moved more furniture upstairs and my husband asked me to start looking at available homes for lease online in case we need to evacuate. I still thank the Lord every day for giving me something small to offer up. And it really is so very small.

Since we're living almost entirely on the upper level these days my mother-in-law gave me this bouquet to brighten our upstairs. I take them with me from room to room, I enjoy them so much. I think pink tulips are my new favorite flower.

they even make my old dilapidated nightstand look pretty
of course they make an already pleasant room look even prettier. this is the only nearly "finished" room in the house, as it should be when you have girls. :)

When we moved Madeleine into Gianna's room last year (sisters sharing a room is so sweet, is it not? I had four brothers, so I get to enjoy sisterhood vicariously through my daughters!) we changed out Gianna's pink bedding set for a matching pair for both girls in green, blue and yellow. I think it looks a little older, and so will grow with the girls till adulthood. I'll be putting Gianna's old set on eBay this week (I think I'll start it at $50), so if any of you are interested let me know and I'll post a link first here on the day I list the set.


Lois said...

"...will grow with the girls till adulthood"...

Hee hee, just wait until they're teenagers!

Very pretty. I do hope you will show us the whole room though!

bfarmmom said...

coming out of lurkdom. Tulips are my very favorite flower. They are just so simple. And I know what you mean about living sisterhood through your daughters. I always wanted a sister. I had two older brothers. So yes, I agree there is nothing sweeter!

Melanie said...

I, too, am coming out of lurking! I am interested in the bedding! I have two sweet girls of my own and my older daughter's name is Rose. I love the rose theme of your sweet girl's bedding and want to keep that theme! Neither one of my daughters are ready for a twin bed yet at all - one is 21 months and the other is 3 months - but I'm a planner! The crib bedding is bunnies and roses so I thought that when my older girl actually gets into her own bed (and the baby moves into the crib from our bed!) that these two beddings would go well together!

Wow, long explanation to say that I'm interested in the bedding! Please post the link when you put it up on ebay! I haven't even ran this past my husband yet and who KNOWS how I'll work it into the budget but the 21-month old's birthday is coming up, right? Right??

And while I'm at it, you have a beautiful family. I really gather a lot of inspiration from reading your posts! I found it through Conversion Diary and have been following ever since! God bless you and yours!

Melissa Wiley said...

I loooove pink tulips too, especially against a green wall. Positively swoony, those pictures.

All four of my girls share a bedroom, from the 14yo to the 3yo. It's very sweet to hear them chattering at night. Though the perpetual state of their closet, oy.

Karen E. said...

Kristen, I love the pink tulips, too.

I do hope that the leaks are soon taken care of!

Mary said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVe the new bedding!! Absolutely beautiful!

Question - I would love to know what you did with the fabric you designed last year? It was so sweet.

I hope the rain stops and you are able to get everything fixed that needs fixing. Good luck!

momof2boyz said...

I hope that you are able to get your roof fixed quickly! That rain was pretty scary.Your tulips are beautiful, to, and your attitude in the face of adversity is most admirable.

I must echo what Lois boys are 12 and 14 now, and quite insistent upon decorating their own rooms, and choosing their own bedding. Luckily, they both have pretty good taste, although I am not crazy about older son's Beyonce poster...

Kristen Laurence said...

Thanks ladies!

Melanie, I hope to put the link up by Thursday.

Mary, I never did anything with that fabric. I'm interested in too many things. As my husband would say I'm "like a bee who travels from flower to flower, always seeking the next beautiful thing." Not such a great quality, I admit. :)