Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Along the Bike Path

One of our favorite places to go bike riding. This trail has a beautiful combination of wild growth and natural landscaping. It makes me happy. We often bring a picnic. This weekend my husband brought a good book.
two cyclists off in the distance
I love the lush blue plumbago here...
...and these trees in the background which seem enchanted to me.
A red shrub rose - perfection!
lush golden fountain grass
The girls love finding white egrets around here. So graceful.
And who isn't captivated by a praying mantis!
Take a moment to stop and be captivated today! Happy Wednesday, everyone.


Laura said...

What a nice WARM looking setting, especially when we've been cold already.
Thanks for the beautiful look.
God Bless.

sarah said...

What a beautiful place!

Jennifer said...

I love the photo of the grasses - so autumnal! It looks like a perfect afternoon, Kristen.

Lissa said...

Oh so lovely! :::want::: How I wish we lived just a leeetle closer to you, Kristen!

Lissa said...

P.S. And I am now LOLing at myself for coveting your pretty bike trail, me with my near-weekly excursions to Balboa Park! Talk about "the grass is always greener..." :) :) :)