Monday, September 21, 2009

Spontaneous Decluttering

One of the items I hadn't crossed off on my recent To-Do list was the purging of rarely worn clothes and other infrequently used items in the house. We've always been fairly good at keeping only what we use, giving away what we don't, and having only enough of any one thing to get us by (which explains why for a long time we had only one pencil in the house and one suitcase for all of our clothes combined - we're crazy, I know!). But, life has been busy and I've let a lot of extra "stuff" slide in the last couple years.

So when we discovered on Saturday morning that our neighbors were having a garage sale, we spontaneously decided to put a few things out on our driveway. And then a few more. And a few more. We got rid of a lot of extra "stuff". My clothes drawer (and I only have one) is now half-full and it feels great. Kitchen cabinets are cleaner and less cluttered, and it feels great.

And our dining room table and chairs is gone too. The girls thought school on the floor was fun today. I'm not sure how long we'll be able to go without a dining table, but for now.... feels great.


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Why in the world did you get rid of your table???

I love the clean/neat/decluttered house, too, but we're kind of attached to functional things like TABLES. :)

turtlemama said...

LOL. Ditto what Emily said. ;)

jordin said...

Oh man! I wish i could be as efficient as you are!!

What do you have for clothing? How do you keep it so streamlined?

Any advice on how to remove such unnecessaries in ones life would be very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Have you read Conversion Diary today? If you have not, check it.....Quite illuminating!


Kristen Laurence said...

Emily, LOL!!! Seriously, that is too funny! Thanks for making me laugh. Our table and chairs were in terrible shape. Wood chipping off in shreds, sealer worn off, surface always sticky. Tried to refinish it last summer but made some huge mistakes when applying the final coat. I'm so happy that thing is gone. :)

Jordin, I rotate about 4 everyday and 2 church outfits at a time. Sweaters/long sleeves replace light tops when the season changes, but pants stay. I obviously haven't kept it as streamlined as I'd have liked, making Saturday's purging all the more necessary.

Two thoughts that help me:

1. If I haven't worn or used it in more than a year, I don't need it. Give it to someone who does.
2. If I have something in my possession I don't use or don't need, I'm taking it away from someone who does need it. (Paraphrased from a strong but beautiful quote I heard once.)

Momof2boyz, that's fascinating. Now I'm off to get that book (from the library of course :)

Ellen said...

Oh how I wish I could live with less.

jordin said...

Kristen you have inspired me! I see a yard sale in my near future!

Anonymous said...

Great! I'm so inspired! I also like de-cluttering and, like everyone else, I'm changing out the childrens' clothes (summer-to-fall/winter).
Mary Brooke