Monday, June 8, 2009

When Pain is Fun

"I think today's my lucky day", Gianna says while I'm typing at this very moment. The three of us are still in our pajamas, huddled in a circle on my bed sharing an apple while we wait and hope for a tooth to come out. With each bite there's an "Ouch!", but she assures me it's worth it. Anticipation, excitement, and a few tears (mama's, of course).

Gianna got her first baby tooth at four months. I remember the moment I saw it. I remember jumping up and down and taking video footage. I know I'll remember this moment too, but this time three of us will be jumping up and down. Everything is special when you have children. Everything.


turtlemama said...

I couldn't agree more.

jordin said...

You are so right!!!

God, My Savior Forever! said...

This post is too cute!!! I can totally envisioned you three on the bed and a mommy full of joyful tears to see her beautiful growing daughter! I am not one to cry easily but I think that I'm going to be like you when I become a mommy and shed many tears of joy at every little thing my kids will do!!! Hope we have a fallen tooth soon!

Hugs, Susan

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Those little lost teeth are so sweet, aren't they? Still, to lose them is bittersweet for us.

Take pictures!