Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yesterday I found myself grateful. For my husband and for God's beautiful creation. That ocean captivates me....the grandest natural proof (other than man) of the existence of God. It says magnificent, infinite like nothing else I can imagine. My heart soars to higher things every time I see it.

Today I'm grateful for friends. This morning the girls and I went to rosary group, where all of us ladies enjoyed a baby shower for a close friend of mine after we prayed the rosary. Monica is one of those very special and rare friends a person can be blessed with in life. She is generous, self-sacrificing and holy, while carefree, spontaneous and fun all at the same time. Last night she endured heavy contractions all night long, very nearly fleeing to the hospital with her husband, and still made it to pray the rosary this morning, smiling all the while. Monica is younger than me, married after me and is expecting her seventh child. She is past her due date, I think for the seventh time, but was today, as always, in great spirits.

So I'm just recording, for memory's sake, how grateful I am that Providence saw to it that I should be blessed with such beautiful friendships.

(Oh, and proof that this woman is amazing? She's a tiny little thing and her smallest baby was eight pounds. Her largest, a son, was twelve. He arrived suddenly, without any notice, in her bathroom. Twelve pounds and she had no idea he was coming.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, 12 pounds! She must be amazing! You ARE blessed to have such a friend, Kristen. They're hard to come by.


Cheryl M. said...

Kristen, two beautiful posts in a row! Prayers for your friend as she quickly approaches her hour of delivery. Hugs for you! :)

Abigail said...

What a blessing for you to have as a friend!

E Caughron said...

Prayers for Monica from Montana, you can pass along if you wish.