Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank you, Saint Gianna

Go, and read my friend's beautiful account of St. Gianna's intercession. See how Our Lord uses us in our suffering and our joy to spread devotion to His heavenly saints. Then allow yourself to be used. I know what I need to do at this very moment. Thank you, Saint Gianna!


Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I need to pray the Novena to St. Gianna as we are working on getting licensed for foster care and adoption. I know that God will lead us where He wants us, and I need to abandon myself to His grace and plans. God bless your family.

Lucy said...

You both have such beautiful stories, and I can relate. I am so thankful for finding out more about St Gianna and teaching my two about her - and I think I found out about her here first, so thank you to you! May God bless your family.

Kristen said...

How wonderful, Jenny. Foster-parenthood is truly selfless. Beautiful. May you hold a precious baby in your arms, and soon!

Thank you, Lucy.