Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Best Zest

Hands down, one of my favorite kitchen tools. I bought this lemon zester a few years ago, and never cease to gasp at the beauty it produces with a simple stroke of the wrist. Fine curls and ribbons and spirals of lemony goodness fall to the cutting board, filling the kitchen with the glorious scent of citrus.

Okay, I know what you're thinking....'This girl is crazy. She's excited by terribly mundane things in life.' Well, perhaps you're right. I admit I have an inordinate affinity for beauty all around me - in the Faith, in nature, in books, in homes and in pretty lemon zest. It does seem rather silly, doesn't it? I mean, zest is zest. And it unfailingly adds that ever-so-delicious hint of citrusy tartness-without-bitterness to a recipe, curls or no curls. True. But for the same effort, why not make your dish pretty and lemony? You can have function and beauty in one! How fun is that!

Now I warn you, if you do decide to go out and purchase one of these little gadgets for as low as $2.99 online or at your local grocery store, beware. You'll be adding zest to your desserts and salads and vegetables nearly as much as your main courses, just to see those pretty curls!


Now I was planning to make and post a fabulous and easy recipe for grilled lemon chicken, but after having zested my lemon (and snapped about twenty shots of it!) I realized I was out of olive oil. Ah well, at least I know what's for dinner Tuesday night!


Jill said...

That's funny! My husband bought me one after I sliced my finger trying to grate some lemon peel on my cheese grater. :)
I think I need to practice more, though. I don't get such cute curls!

Cheryl M. said...

I would call that neat lemon zesting tool...a small treasure! :)

Your menu for tonight sounds delicious!! :)

Anonymous said...

You take such beautiful pictures. Had you not mentioned taking the picture yourself, I would have thought that it came out of a magazine article.

Mimi said...

I don't have a lemon zester, perhaps I should pick one up. But, then, I'd have to buy lemons, you know!

Melissa said...

Beautiful picture. I love lemons, the zesting looks fun. I admit I've only zested with a good old fasioned veggie peeler. The effect wasn't as lovely as your picture.

aawiesner said...

I would like that recipe! Fabulous and easy sound like a winning combination!

Ouiz said...

I'm curious... what sort of camera do you have? Your picture is gorgeous!

coffeemom said...

Kristin, well now you have to post that recipe of course! I actually bought a lemon zester, based on your post, same one...high hopes. I have a zester and don't use it so much because it's not a good one. At all. So, now hit up OXO for your cut/commission and post that recipe! WE're gonna need it after being inspired by your lovely photo!

jordin said...

not to add another product, but for lefties, this one works wonders!!!