Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random thoughts....

....inspired by this season of Lent and Father Basil conferences on audio. Not a real post (I apologize for the recent lack of these), just musings:

~The first Station of the Cross: Jesus is condemned to death. The first day of Lent: Remember you are dust, and unto dust you shall return. The first step in the spiritual life: Knowing that we are condemned to death - we will indeed return to dust. How does knowing this truth inspire and guide all we do? Do I live every day as though it were my last?

~Silence of speech: Not engaging too much in idle talk. Not even trying to speak too much of good and sacred things. Speaking less with creatures and more with God. Silence of other senses, of taste: Gluttony is not simply about eating too much, it also applies to those (like me) who only like to eat tasty and appealing foods. Silence of touch: How I always find myself seeking comfort - soft blankets, instant warmth when cold, sitting in my comfortable chair when there is work to be done.

~How many times in a given day am I doing what I ought? How many times do I neglect a responsibility in favor of an activity more pleasant?

~Years ago, a good and pious priest said something to me and my husband that's been on my mind since the start of Lent. He said frankly, "If you're aiming for Purgatory, you're probably not going to make it."

We are having a good Lent around here. I know I don't give up as much as I should. Life is so easy for us here with the pleasant weather and the abundance of pleasant things to do every day. I'm so grateful for all of it. But Lent is good too, and reserving oneself from certain pleasantries for forty days - reminding oneself again of that first step: realizing the imminence of death; the last step and ultimate goal: Heaven, and everything in between.

On a side note, I've been sewing up a storm and have some fun things to show for it. The girls are wearing their outfits everywhere, and I'm making ensembles for friends. I might have some of it available online soon too. What fun!


Beck said...

You should make a pretty Eastery outfit in size three! I love your girls dresses and I'd be delighted to buy one for the Baby!

Cheryl M. said...

Excellent Lenten words...but oh my, you're teasing us with that last please ;))))))

Sharon said...

Some great thoughts. I am looking forward to seeing the latest sewing projects.

Rose said...

I second what Beck said!