Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Very Good Question

Frances posted a very good question in the comments below about a song accompanying the montage I posted last night. I had the same questions when I heard the song for the first time last Christmas, and I know others hold similar reservations about "Mary Did You Know".

I am unequipped to articulate answers to such questions, but I posted a response I was given last year by a Norbertine Father I trust to answer all questions regarding articles of Faith.


Frances said...

Thank you for providing Father's excellent answer to my uncertainty about the very verses you quoted, Kristen. I have shared the link to your post with my husband.

Hooray for Catholic community on the internet!

Mimi said...

I've often thought it conflicted with traditional Christian thought (read Orthodox and Catholic theology) as well.

However, I should also say that I've only heard it once or twice, too, since I favor more traditional Christmas songs so that's what I have on CD.