Thursday, September 13, 2007

Suitable for Children

This is Mrs. Tittlemouse, one of the beloved characters in Beatrix Potter's famous Tales. Isn't she cute?

But did you know that the original version of this tale was to include woodlice, an earwig and a centipede? Shocking, I know. Fortunately for our children, Potter's publishers felt the first two insects were "unsuitable for a children's book"!

So when you read this adorable story to your little ones, have no fear. You will find some creepy-crawlers and a beautiful butterfly (replacing the original centipede), but these will in no way be harmful to your children!

[My husband read this in the tale's introduction this morning and we both found it amusing. Can you imagine? What would Mr. Warne think of today's children's literature? You know, sometimes I wish I lived in the early 1900's, at least for the sake of my girls. Sometimes.]


Mimi said...

Ooooh, woodlice - they are so cute (Bwahahahahahahah). I'm glad they aren't in the books.

Have you seen "Miss Potter"? I've not, but want to.

Ouiz said...

If she HAD left those... um... creatures in her book, my kids would think that was the COOLEST thing ever!

[these are the same kids who cheer for Gollum and Smaug because, in their minds, they just "look cool."... sigh... where did we go wrong?]

Kristen Laurence said...

Mimi, I haven't seen Miss Potter yet; Ouiz, my girls like earwigs too! :)

Mrs Pea said...

I love the pretty little bed and the housework from that book. It's one of our favourites.