Sunday, July 1, 2007

Truth Be Told

Not much time to post anything right now as I'm completely exhausted over an eventful weekend out of town, but I thought I would share my husband's comment on my self-portrait below:

"Yep. That's definitely you. Standing around not doing much but smiling and looking happy."

He is so right. My response:

"Can you blame me? Look at this baby, and look at my dress!"


Margaret in Minnesota said...

There are worse things than standing around smiling and looking happy. I could think of at least a half a gazillion of them! :)

Let's keep praying for those babies...

Alice Gunther said...

Oh the perfect comment! Your husband is so funny!

If only more people could smile and look happy! We'd all be much gladder!

Erika said...

Too funny. That sounds just like him.