Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Loveliness of Frugality

A very thoughtful post on living a simple life and embracing the small things that can bring us more joy. Thank you, Jenny!

(I only part with her on the discouraging of hiring household help. Though I do not have hired help myself, I do think it is a good thing for those who can afford it. Not only does it free up a mother's time and energy for her children and help to maintain a peaceful and orderly learning environment, but it can also be a beautiful act of charity to provide good employment for a person in need.)


Devorah said...

Nice blog!

nina said...

I like the idea that simply living is or can be creative. I also, agree with you that household help does not take away from living simply or even frugally. I do have a lovely man who comes to my house to clean once a week. He is now like family to us and we enjoy visiting with him and the gift he provides our family. It allows me to spend more quality time with my children and it motivates me to throughly pick up the house at least once a week. ;) I will add that household help is very inexpensive in "the middle of nowhere."

Mrs Pea said...

I loved that post too, kristen. I also do agree that delegating some of the more tedious labour can be useful in seasons, if there is that possibility. It is a precious gift to be a servant to another woman in her times of need, and I wish more women would do that and also permit others to serve them in that way.

Jenny said...

Hi Kristen, Thanks for coming to visit and for the kind words.

Ellen said...

Wow, living frugally is a life style I would like to embrace. But alas, the good Lord made me a pack rat and I am married to one. And unfortunately, our son has inherited that trait too. And while I do get those moments of clean and pitch, they don't happen frequently enoough. But I must admit, a few years ago when I was working parttime I did indulge in hiring someone to clean my house and I have yet to give up that perk even though I no longer work outside the home.

Jane Ramsey said...

Kristen, I agree with you on hiring household help. If you can afford it, why not give someone else a job and save yourself some time and effort?
On the whole issue of frugality, I've tried to embrace it at times in my life, but it never really sticks! I'm more eager to find ways to save time and effort than to expend the time and effort looking for a creative solution.
As with the household help, I can't help thinking: why not buy something that will make your life a little easier --if you can afford it?
Case in point: my husband did battle every day for several years with a silly coffeemaker that frequently overflowed. I asked him repeatedly if he wanted me to buy another one. No, he said, why spend money when this one works? (He was raised by a very frugal mom). Finally I got tired of cleaning up the mess and bought him a new one. He was upset that I spent that money, but now he has a great coffeemaker that works and doesn't make messes and saves us some headaches.
This year we bought a dishwasher--the first one we've owned since we've been married. Do you know how many hours of work that thing saves me every day? I love it!
So, while I admire people who are frugal and "make do" without modern conveniences, it's just not for me.
(Although we are "making do" living a small mobile home that we can afford instead of getting in over our heads with a mortgage.I guess everyone has their own level of what they can tolerate!)