Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Highlights From Holy Week

My husband surprised me with this
lovely bouquet on our Anniversary. I love how,
when placed in the crown of thorns it magnifies
the beauty of the union of joy and suffering in Love.
This is our only in-house plant. I decorate
this topiary according to the season. Simple as it is,
it makes an impact on the "spirit" in the home.
My beautiful mother's visit during Holy Week
was the best part of my Lent. Thank you, Mom!
Passion Sunday Mass at the Abbey. I love how the priests
wear red instead of purple. The statues and crucifix
inside the chapel, also covered in red, were very moving.


Julie said...

Happy Belated Anniversay! What a beautiful bouquet of flowers and I love your topiary!

By the way, your wedding photo is absolutely gorgeous!

Beth said...

Happy Anniversary! Those girls are so cute.

Faith said...

The topiary is beautiful- I love the color-combo of flowers. -Faith