Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snow In Southern California

I was headed toward this when driving on the freeway yesterday. It was so magnificently breathtaking, I couldn't help but sing. (Somehow I managed to restrain myself from belting out the Alleluia from Handel's Messiah, but let me tell you, it was difficult!)
The day reminded me of this lovely friend and her appreciation for all things beautiful, hence the photograph. And yes, I did take it while driving.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Cheryl M. said...

Beautiful indeed!!

Dawn said...

Oh, Kristen! Do you know, tears sprung to my eyes as I read this - and that was before I realized you'd linked me!

This photo is absolutely gorgeous - I clicked it open to drink it all in. What a treat to get to see a completelely different vista from my own! :)

Blessings to you this beautiful weekend!

Suzanne Temple said...

It is beautiful!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Gorgeous! I sure do miss the mountains - though we have no shortage of snow. :)

Matilda said...

What a great picture and what a steady driver! We don't hsve mountains in Texas. Thanks for sharing yours!

Cay said...

How lovely!
A piece of heaven.

Michelle Halpin said...

LOL! I'm looking at that snow from the other side of those mountains! We can see them to the south, snow and all! We're so close, yet so far, aren't we Kristen? :)

Kristen Laurence said...

Thank you for visiting, everyone. Michelle, yes, how right you are. I bet the view is stunning from your side!